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PROUD Cleaning has now permanently closed

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that Proud Cleaning has come to an end. After 3 years of love, passion and hard work, and after employing over 36 people from the LGBTQ+ community and cleaning for over 500 clients, we have closed the cleaning side of the business.

We want to focus on what we've managed to achieve in 3 years, with the cleaners and your help:

  • We've paid over £170,000 back into the LGBTQ+ community, either through cleaners wages, paid training, charitable donations and sponsorship.
  • We've supported one of our cleaners through their gender affirmation surgery, and their recovery afterwards.
  • We provided companionship and human interaction during the pandemic, which was difficult and isolating for a lot of people in the community.
  • We've always paid above the London Living Wage for all of our cleaners, because they deserve it.

We've supported all of our working cleaners to continue with their clients privately, so they will continue to earn, and their clients will still be supporting the LGBTQ+ community.

Proud Pet Care will live on, under Andrews stewardship, with a team of new LGBTQ+ faces (and possibly some existing ones), and the website will remain open after April if you have any questions about our pet services, or want to book in, you can do so here.

You can also choose to be kept informed of any future projects and progress here and you'll be added to our mailing list.

We want to thank you for your support. We've never taken it for granted, and we wish you all the very best for the rest of 2024 and beyond, and whatever you do, always be PROUD!

Many thanks,

Martin & Gareth (he/him)

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